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Hi girls and guys!
These are the basic terms and conditions you will have to agree with if you want to navigate on this website.
First, all the information published here belongs to www.techakshay.in, including articles, pictures and videos. All these are protected by existing Copyright law. Written content (articles, comments) cannot be copied or reproduced in anyway without out written consent.
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All the impressions posted here come with all but good intentions. I am a  Computer Hardware&Networking Engineer with years of experience and we’re trying to offer the bet advice's on Computer & Networking Devices and on mobile's. However, I cannot be hold accountable for your decisions, so if you go ahead and buy a product based on our recommendation and you then end up unsatisfied with what you bought, don’t blame me. You’re grown ups folks, you have to leave with your decisions.
This site might post occasional advertisements or use affiliate services that earn us money if you guys happen to buy a product via that link. It’s just up to you, but we appreciate any extra cash, it helps us keep the boat afloat.
Last but definitely not least, this site is completely safe to navigate. We do not track your activity on the site, we do not tend to harm you or your computer in any way. If you’re going to subscribe to our Newsletter lists, you’re not going to receive any spam, just occasional updates on Computer Technology related subjects.
That’s about it. Please make sure you’ve read all the above before proceeding. If you’re reading the content on this site, you must agree and comply to the terms and conditions above.
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