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Here’s how to say THANKS!

Hi everyone, This is Akshay kumar.
If you’ve got to this page you probably appreciate by now all the 
content available on and all my
hard work.
You should know that I review gadgets & Make Online Courses, Post & 
Videos About Computer  Technology & About Troubleshooting Also for 
a living (yeah, that’s actually my “JOB”) and I publish my tests, guides 
and articles on this site and on my Youtube Channel. Everything is 
available for free, so it will benefit everyone interested in the devices 
I cover.
I do work on these articles full-time and I need to support my family and
myself through these websites in order to be able to continue doing it.
So here’s where you could help, if you…

Use these links when buying your stuff
  • in the India ;
  • Flipkart in the India;

Tell your friends about the sites

If what you’ve read on my sites helped you pick the right device, then
you should share the posts with your friends that are also looking to buy
similar devices.That’s helping both them and myself, no matter if you’re
just sending articles via email, spread,them on forums or share them on 
Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter and so on. It won’t take  you more than
a few seconds. Every bit counts and I’m grateful to each and every one
of you that help spread out my work.

Follow me and get in touch

Feel free to follow me on any of the channels below and get in touch if you
need any sort of help or if you have any questions that I could answer.
You can find me on:

Don’t mind if you don’t :)

My content is and will remain free for everyone, no matter if you’re going
to buy from my links or help spread the word about my work. And I
definitely won’t mind or hold a grudge if you decide that you don’t want to
support what I’m doing here in any way.
But if you do, you’ll have my gratitude.
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