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About us is a website about Computer Technology & Internet Related Tips & Tricks.
I rarely cover news here and I don’t post something new each day. In fact, there might be weeks between articles and that’s because most of My efforts go into thorough and well-documented guides, videos, comparisons, and reviews. Especially reviews.
My name is Akshay Kumar and I write most of the articles on the site. I'm not a big publication, but even so, I post Articles & Computer Online Courses Episodes each year. is a one-man show, a collection of my personal and subjective opinions on Computers and a few other types of portable gadgets. 
As for me, I actually started documenting laptops & Computer Technology in the mid-2014 and hundreds of them landed on my test bench over the years. I’m very picky and like to carefully analyze each product and look for its strong points and its potential quirks so I can share with you all these fine details that can make or break your everyday experience with a computer. I live in India and I’m not a native English speaker, but hopefully, that’s not going to be an issue for you.
My expertise and passion allow us to put up together detailed articles that will help you pick the best Computer Devices for your needs and budget, as well as explain why a specific unit is better for you than another. I also tend to our community and reply to all the comments and questions, so if you need any help with your decision, just get in touch in the comments section at the end of each article, or you can contact me by email or on Facebook.
One final aspect you should know is that there are no sponsored or paid posts on this website. is nonetheless a business and we do have ads and affiliate links (which are necessary to keep the whole thing rolling and pay for the bills), but these have absolutely no influence on our editorial policy. If there’s something wrong about a product, rest assured I’ll be the first ones to tell you about it. I rely heavily on “word of mouth” and that’s why your trust and satisfaction are our number one priorities. I want you to be happy with what you’ll end up getting based on our advice, so you can then go and tell others about us and our work.
Long story short,, I am here to help you pick-up your next Computer Device's, either a Laptop, a Smart computer, a 2-in-1 hybrid or something else. I don’t post new content often, but I set a high standard for each of the articles on this website and work on constantly keeping the reviews, guides and listicles up-to-date, as well as reply to all your questions and comments. That takes time and effort, so if you want to say thanks, here’s how you can.
That’s about it for this About page, I hope you’ll find our work useful and look further to hearing from you in our articles.
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