Beta version of Android Q released, Learn all the features in 10 points

Google has released a new version of its Android operating system Beta version of Android Q, though Android Q is currently available for Google's pixel smartphone only. Google has also given information about the features of this new version of Android, let's know about these 10 special features.

Beta version of Android Q released
1. With Android Q you will get great privacy from earlier. For this, the company has done a lot of research so that the privacy of the users remains intact because there are often questions about Android's privacy issues.

2. There will be more control in the hands of users in Android Q In such a situation, you will be able to decide whether an app will access your location or camera. In addition, the user will also have control over the app's access to other features of the phone.

3. Along with Android Q, you will also get the advantage that your phone's IMEI number and the registration will not be known.

4. There will be another control in the Android Q that any app will not be able to start suddenly. This control will also be for the background app.

6. Android Q has been designed differently for the Foldable Smartphone so that users of Foldable Phone have no problem.

7. In the Android Q, a new shortcut will be available to share content from one app to another.

8. There has been a change regarding connectivity in Android Q and new APIs have been given for it.

9. Google has given open-source support for the AVI1 codec in Android Q. The advantage of this will be that you will be able to watch high-quality video on your video streaming app in your phone.

10. Google has made some changes to the Android Q about the camera. More information about Android Q will be found in Google's developer's conference in May.

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