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How to take Google Adsense Approval

Google Adsense Approval

Google Adsense Approval for your Website or for Youtube channel, If you're the person who is looking to take the Google Adsense Approval for your Website or for Youtube channel, Then you have got landed to right page In order to take Google Adsense Approval.

Whenever we start working online & put a lot of hard work to build the website or to create a youtube channel & Then from far away we look at Google Adsense to get some returns.

Ok, Here are some Tips for you which I had used personally to take approval on my all Websites & Youtube Channel but few Important words for you first of all.

Always remember One thing never Build your business against to Google Adsense Policies because If once Google receives a Bad impression from your Content, It Could put Your Website or Youtube Channel into Black List which will never Grow in future.

As we all know first of all how does traffic drive's to our Websites & on Youtube Channel. Google is the most used Search Engine in the World & Then Second is Youtube, Which is also a Product of Google.

Tips to Get instant Google Adsense Approval on Website & Youtube:-

1.Never Copy Paste

Google Adsense Approval

If you are one of them who wants to grow as soon as possible & so Eager to earn the Money, Attention, To earn the money from Online you have to be very Patient, I'll not explain you all the points but I have a single point for you to make you understand, Why? Just think one thing Google holds the Biggest Database in the world & There is no person in the world he doesn't use Google services in daily life Even you also use, am I right.

So, If you copy someone's data & paste it on your Website & on Channel. What is Going to happen, Simply when your Website Or Channel will go in Review, Google Reviewer's going to reject the application Because they have all that stuff with them already & I know now you must be thinking I'll do changes In the same content & I'll Publish but still you are not going rank, That's just Because Google invites an Authenticate user's.

Google also earning a money from advertisers only & Advertisers doesn't like to go their money wasted. In my Personal Opinion never do that just be a Professional Guy & Work Hard you will get a Success. Let's Proceed to Next Point.

2. Make Consistency

Google Adsense Approval

We all know that how much consistency is important, but still, let me give you some points on how it affects your business & what Google Crawlers & Robots thinks about it. 

If you are the Person who consistently publishes the content. Google crawlers & robots keep an eye on every that URL which comes to them. It just indirectly helps you to grow faster but it doesn't mean you just leave all work & just start making videos & Writing Content on your Website. 

Consistency means if you are capable & have time enough to publish daily one Content do that but if you can't publish content daily from starting only setup in how many days you can publish your content & maintain that Duration, For Example, If you are Publishing a Content in a Gap of Two days just maintain that, Don't do this thing like Published one Content today & then next week 7 then Again after 2-3 Days, just try to engage with your audience.

3. Never use ShortCuts to Bring Traffic

Google Adsense Approval

Never try to attempt these kind such things on your Content, It effects so badly. I have a Personal Experience of it.

Let me Explain to you what happened to me, You will be Understood automatically. In Order to bring as more as possible Traffic on my Website, I used to search always & You know that there Good & Bad Peoples. Good Peoples gives you an authentic & Correct Knowledge but Bad peoples just to have page views they can share anything. 

So came across about some local & useless Search engines, Which just Ruined my Website. I thought that Google, Yahoo! Bing & Yandex Webmaster Tools takes a long time to crawl the URL of our websites & already a lot of peoples are there who have already posted their content on them, So chances of my post to appear in these results are so less So why don't I use some of the local search engines.

So, I started submitting my sitemap to all the Search Engines but Ultimately negative impact I got on my website & Google Webmaster tool gave me an email regarding violation of Google Webmaster Tool. It's been more than 2 months still that error shows there & even in Yahoo! bing Engines my URL is not index.

I hope now you understood what happens due to this. Let's proceed to the next point.

4. Custom Domain & Hosting

Google Adsense Approval

Again Something Important we have got here is how important it is to make our product brand because of the website brand & hosting matters. If your Hosting is good it gives a good speed to your website which is a Good Thing. Google does'nt bring Ads from home, Advertisers gives them Ads to serve on a Good platform so they can do the Marketing & have good result towards their product.

So now here If you are building your website on blogger for free, Its a good idea for beginners & if you wants to stay on Blogger only you can but adding a Custom domain to your website helps it bring into search result of Google because it is so hard to rank

In my Personal Opinion go for a custom domain like .com & .in, you can even go for more domains but these 2 domains are best to work on as they Rank faster than everyone.

After Domain, let's come on hosting, If you are building your website on blogger then hosting is not required just adding a custom domain here is enough, as blogger hosting is even a powerful hosting but If you are building your website on Wordpress, Then you have to buy a Hosting.

Here I have given the best list of Domain & Hosting Sellers, to buy .com & .in Domains in cheap visit Here:


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5. Good SEO ( On page & Off page SEO) 

Google Adsense Approval

Yes, Negative SEO of your Article & Content can lead to a bad SEO which horribly impacts on your website & take you away from Google Mercy. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) helps your article or video to come in a search. Let's have an example like you want to read funny jokes, So what you will do, You will open a Google or your preferred Search Engine and you will type Funny jokes & will do Search Right.    

Now How those relevant results comes to you just because of SEO. SEO can be lead using Tags, Keywords, Alt Description, Meta Tags, etc. But If you posted a content different than your keywords or you have misleading Tags, etc. Called a Bad SEO which negatively effect.  So, always be Honest as we all are Human Beings so lets Being Human.

6. Make Pages of About us, Privacy Policy, etc.

Google Adsense Approval

When we create a website and start posting a content we Directly Engage with the Audience so From Google Point of view it is necessary to keep the pages about your Website, What actually it is about, let us see one by one:

Home: Homepage helps the user to go directly from your any page to Homepage of Website.

About us: When peoples come on Website and they wish to contact to regarding anything about website, So the path to Reach you should be clear enough.

Privacy Policy: Privacy policy tells Visitors what exactly your website about and Traffic is being monitored for fair uses, etc. Its Completely depend on what type of website you wish to run or running.

Terms & Disclaimer: Guidelines about your websites should be clear enough because if visitor reaches your URL see any type of Ads or anything which is apart from the content.

Contact Us: Contact us page has to be there, Wheather you running any type of Blog, Website, youtube Channel, etc. & has to be genuine, For example: Email Address, Social Media's etc.
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