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Troubleshoot Power Supply Issues in Computer

Its Really Weired When our ComputerGives a Problem Regarding Power Supply. So In this blog I will tell you a Basic Steps  by Following them you can troubledhoot the Power related Issues in your Computer. Power Issues can cause Due to anything as follows:-

1.     1. Check Whether the AC line is coming or not & also Check the Required AC volt           is Coming using Multimeter.

2.   Check the Power cord of the SMPS whether that is firmly connected , In some case        Power cord Also can be found faulty.
    3.  Remove the Case/Panel  of Cabinet And Check whether all the ATX                              Connectors  are Firmly Connected to the Motherboard .

4. Then Remove all the ATX Connectors coming from SMPS and Take 20 pins                 connector then sort Green wire with any Black wire, And See whether the SMPS    \       Fan    is Getting Rotate or Not.

      5.   If Fan is not Getting Rotate in this case your SMPS is faulty , Call the Computer           Technician to fix it or Fan is working then Check for it Correct Output and                      Connect to the Computer .

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