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Gadgets Which are Similar to Computer
Gadgets Which are Similar to Computer

Gadgets Which are Similar to Computer

1 : Laptop 
Laptops are also called Notebook. 
  •  They are small in size, light in weight and can be carried          anywhere. 
  •  They have a rechargeable batteries foe power supply.
2: Tablets
  • Tablets are similar to Laptops but smaller in size.
  • They provide a touch-screen display where the instructions can be provided by touch  such a Keyboard, mouse,etc not required.
  • Tablets are growing in popularity because they can be used as a Smartphones also.
3: Smartphone
  • Smartphones are advanced mobile phones.
  • Here also we get the Touch screen Display.
  • Screen is too small so we use them foe checking emails,using Google maps, etc.
4: Thin Clients
      Gadgets Which are Similar to Computer? | Computer  Gadgets.

  • Thin Client is a lightweight Computer that depends on another computer for most of its functions.
  • A thin Client facilitates sharing of application.
  • They are used in most server-client networks
  • 5: Mac Devices
    • AppleIncorporated, is an American multinational manufactures which make iMac, iPhone, iPads, MacBook, etc.
    • Their Design are different but the components are similar to PC’s.
    • Macintosh is a leading product.
    • These Products are popular for their Usability, Design and stability,etc.
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