Control or Adjust Brightness of Desktop & Laptop 2018

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     Control or Adjust  Brightness of Desktop &                                Laptop 2018

Hello Guyzz Today I am to Going One Of the Most Awaited Topic, How can we Adjust the Brightness of desktop, Doing Same Thing in Laptop is Quite Easy, So Lets Begin.......


1. Press START Button

2.  Go On System

 3. Go on Display

4. Go on Advanced Display settings


5. Go on Color Calibration

6. Hit Next

7. Hit Next

8. Here You can Adjust your Brightness

9. Hit Next

10. Hit Next

11. Hit Next

11*. Hit Next

12. Hit Next

13. Hit Next

14.  Here Adjust Red, Green & Blue Color As per Eye Vision

15. Hit Next

16. Hit Next

17. Hit Next

17. Hit Next, Let it be All Default Settings

18. Hit Next

19. Hit Next 

20. Hit Next

21. Hit Next

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