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As in previous articles we had seen about What is Networking & Its types, Peer-to-Peer networks & Client-Server networks and Difference between P2P & Client-Server networks.
Benefits & Uses of Computer Networking
Benefits & Uses of Computer Networking
As we all know there are lot of benefits of networking to introduce at home, small business,etc.In today's life there nothing is possible without computer networking.

List of major benefits of networking are as follows:

1.File sharing

All types of data (Audio, Video, text and Images) can be easily  shared and accessed on network. Its a very easy for us to share any data to anybody at any time at any place & this thing have come possible due to the hard work of Human being and computer networking.

2.Resource sharing

Resource like scanners, printers, network data and applications can be accessed by remote connection devices, using network-      connected devices. Example, a application can be shared by            multiple users. Even by just sitting at home we can remotely use any computer which is located somewhere. 
For example, How we are using a Google services like Email, Google Drive, Youtube, Blogger,etc. Whenever we login into our account, What exactly happens in the background we are taking remotely access of Google servers where are data is stored.
Benefits & Uses of Computer Networking
Benefits & Uses of Computer Networking

3.Internet sharing

A single internet connection can be shared with multiple users and devices.Internet have become a versatile medium of controlling and using of Incredible gadgets, Computers, Smart devices. It give us access so let use any resource or share from far away.
Benefits & Uses of Computer Networking
Benefits & Uses of Computer Networking

4.Increasing storage capacity

Access any types of media files stored remotely on other computers storage devices (Examples NAS - Network Attached Storage).In our network we can easily Install this device which give us access let increase the storage capacity of data.

QUIZ:(Comment Down Below)

1. Name the type of network you will implement in a University  area?
2.The full form of WAN is________________.
3.The full form of LAN is ________________.
4.What is MAN network?
5._______________is an interconnection of LANs within a limited     geographical area.
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